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Bugs 32 X 25


These two do not like each other. No, that’s not quite right. Let me ask you all something. Have you ever seen Jerry and the Bugs even TALK to each other at the Draft? No, we don’t think so. That’s because while Jerry was out getting little towels made with lightening rods on them, the Bugs were sewing stars into ‘Ol Betsy Ross. Well Jerry, looks like the Bugs made you an outfit to die in and handed you an early knife to one of the more pathetic seasons in Fantasy History. Everyone is having fun except for you, and that included the Bugs who are reading this over their morning Coffee and crumpets while you are sitting outside the bakery hoping that something falls off the truck to give you the strength to walk onto the fantasy field and have your pride taken away even more. Dance to that tune! Bugs, this team is very well put together and it looks like AP is the new LT and the Bugs knew it before anyone else. Sit down Ubermen, wanting and doing something about it does not count. With Kurt Warner, L Fitz, Yo Adrian and new little Bugaloo DeAngelo Williams, not to mention the Bug Lovin’ Bears Marching band, this team might be looking at another ring. The pieces are coming together nicely and the man sporting the specs and partaking in his own private showcase of philosphy has once again shown why he is one of the great minds of the fantasy world. Jerry, keep doing what you do – it always sells papers. Hey, there’s a job for you.

Bug Child: Mr. Bug, what’s that in your hand?

Mr. Bug: It is nothing.

Bug Child: Why are you holding nothing in your hand?

Mr. Bug: Because young Bug, that is what I played against this weekend.

Bug Child: Is that very fun Mr. Bug.

Mr. Bug: It is when it’s X. Yes it is.

Bug Child: I will follow you.


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Krons 28 Rooks 17


Gentle Ben needed to come up big this Monday Night to spoil the sunset for the Golden Boys of the South, but while trying for a miracle, Big Ben Stopped ticking before midnight, popped a shoulder, and might have ended the dream for the Rooks miracle season. Brian Westbrook is running out of glue to hold together his ribs because the Rook Pole dancers can’t afford to keep up their lavish lifestyle and are forced to sneak out behind the castle walls and enhale from used paper bags, thus taking apart the construction of the castle now revealed to be made of legos. Hark, who goes there doing spin kicks and twirling their Olympic Ribbon dance competition pieces of felt? Why, it’s the Krons, who look to have the deepest backfield in the land and seem poised on making a run at glory. A few more drops in the coin purse might send the young squire off to the promised land, where there might be more than an end of the rainbow at the end of the rainbow. Rooks, you are clouding my vision with your reality. How did it feel to have the final nail driven in by a Cleveland TD? Ohio Playa got schooled – That’s the place where you’re supposed to LEARN THINGS son, I I I said, Learn things! Down to the river for you. You’re not swimming with the sheep yet, but I wouldn’t walk up to anyone wearing a pair of boots if I were you, and I most glad that I am not!

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Pals 35 ‘Lics 25


Well, they smacked back and forth all week, but in the battle of retarded horses and stewed up Wolf, it was the Pals who survived with their balanced attack and the latest little pony called up from the stable – Chris Johnson. Though the ‘Lics fought hard with a B More effort and a Ronnie Brown Miracle Maker, it came down to Joe Adai against the Ghostface Killa on Sunday Night, and it appears that the horseshoe on the side of the helmet of the little ‘Lic was just too much. What do you expect, they are after all, still an expansion team. The Pals continue their march of 30 point games – nothing spectacular but enough to grind it out as they await the return of Tony Tony Tony. In the streets of Harlem this week, the stoops were filled with talk of a possible post season run as they ladies on the fire escapes above read out headlines as their children got ready for the new schools provided by funds from the Pal Pen. In the Wolf Den, the winter looks like it will freeze them out – starting without a QB is a sign of a Brit trying to figure out why the call it football on this side of the pond. Go back to the drawing board ‘Lics and this time remember to bring your chalk – you should be able to find an extra piece from the detective who drew the outline around your body.

Wolf Dog talk is cheap.

Paws in snow freeze your stroll. limp.

London Calling. No Wolf Home.

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Riders 21 Ubermen 20


The Riders sat high atop a mountain in a secluded Biker Bar deep in the caverns of coastal San Diego with his eyes closed, head shaved, and a little smirk on his face that, if you looked close enough, warned you that they still had a few tricks up there sleeves even though they were not wearing a shirt. And so it was that the Riders glory holed out a one point victory while cheering for a Uberless Steeler team on Monday Night, letting the world hear his silence. Devastating. The Ubes needed this victory to even up their season series but did not get it, and now must climb from the lower middle class to reach the post season this year. Riders, we thought you were getting the knife this week, but the Ubes didn’t have the power left to push it through your skin. Do you like that your Quarterback’s name was Jeff? You did. Jeff is leading the Riders to victory you thought even though you didn’t allow yourself to think it. A victory parade does not ask for the final score, so bully to you for your meditations and belief in your fantasy world. Ubes – your receivers are hit or miss, which is dangerous come November. This loss will haunt you big time as it appears once again, you don’t know which tank to trust. A team reflects its leadership – figure out what that means 20 points!

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