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Renaissance Bowl


What a weekend of Playoff Football. The Krons and Pals came down to the final play on Sunday Night, but the Pals devotion to all things Dallas cost them a trip to the Big dance and instead had to watch the janitor sweep up the celebration leftovers of the Krons Getting over on the Pals Party. How will it feel knowing that Calvin Johnson was not allowed to step on the field on the biggest game of the year or that the Vikings Defense finally came through? Well, a 32 Р30  final score is all you need to know about how the Pals must have gone to bed that night, if they slept at all. Still, a great game and the Krons move on to try and claim their fist championship ever. The San Diego Junior High School Band Core, a group of 38,345 brace faced teens are waiting at the airport to play the Krons Bond fire celebration, as they now await the Ubermen, who had their own type of victory.

The Bugs tried to be cute and call up Indy to face Detroit and ended up costing themselves a game, their pride and their season. Old Man Kurt could not escape the will of the Ubermen, who summoned up their mojo, mustard and tanks filled with the will blood of diesel to pull off an amazing victory. Word is the Krons and Ubes watched together and gave high fives and hugs deep into the night. What a story for the Ubes, who found a way in and made the most of the opportunity – just like that program that puts the special kids in the classroom so that they can function in the real world, which of course is the fantasy world, which is now controlled by the Krons and Ubermen. Well done.

And so, the Renaissance Bowl is about to go down in Southern California, both teams hungry for a belt and the honor to call themselves a champion. The Ubes are looking for their second belt and return to glory with a backfield that features two backs that refuse to become the Deuce McCalister’s of today while the Krons look to give a middle finger to a league that has no love for their tactics. Matters not – you gotta love yourself and take the bacon when the store is open, otherwise you’ll be looking through the trash and trying to make yourself believe you’re really at the table. No Pals and Bugs, you are not.

Table for two and the finest joint in all the land belongs to the Krons and Ubermen, who look across from each other wondering who is looking at the next champion of our world. One week left for glory.

A fantastic season is about to draw to an end, but the final act is still to be written.

Good luck to both.


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