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Krons 39 Ubermen 37


It was quite simply, the greatest fantasy football game of all time. When Matt Forte crossed the goal line – no – when Matt Forte pushed ahead to get a first down on a 4th and 1 – then pushed ahead to get the go ahead Touchdown in what looked like an Ubermen Victory, fate stepped in and gave the Krons a touch on the shoulder. “No Kron, we are still with you, stay true to yourself.”

So when Mason Crosby stepped up to give the Packers the win, the Bears Defense, owned by the brother of Kron, stepped up, blocked it, and set up Rob Gould for a game ending game winning Super Bowl clinching heart attack victory for the Krons. The Ubes rushed accross the field and shook hands, then went to a quiet place to think about what might have been.

For the Krons, their first championship came to them in a wave of glory and, to quote the great Vin Scully – “In a year of the improbable, the Impossible happened.” For the first time in league history, the Krons have taken the belt and taken away the demons that took the place of sheep on so many an evening in Kronland.

The Maypoles are decorated with Rasta colors and all is right in their world – nobody can ever take it away and no better game will ever, EVER be played. The Schwartz watched each move and stood unbelieving at what was done in the world of fantasy between these two great competitors – and to the Ubermen we tip our fedora in respect.

It is however, the Winter of Kron, as the bridesmaid has finally checked into the honeymoon sweet with Steven Jackson, Clinton, the Quon, Tony G, Lendal White, Peyton Manning , Steve Smith, Gregg Jennings, T.O.  and of course, Kron Legend, Robbie Gould. We have no doubt that the Krons will be first in line at Ross to pick up a jersey.

What a call to put Jennings in their for his first start of the year and to sit Rackers, setting up Gould for the glory. Truly, this coach knows what he is doing, and deserves the bulls eye he will wear on his back next draft day. A fantasy mind for all time!

But on that day, next draft day, the last belt pass will end on him, and he will walk the walk of those before him as he enters the hall of champions and receives greetings from those who have been there before. We all know that nobody has survived a playoff run like this and, well Korny Boy, the Schwartz couldn’t be happier for you. You are now a champion.

Great coaching in the greatest game ever played. This shows what fantasy is and why we live and die in this world.

And now, now the winter begings and the Schwartz set sail over the horizon watching Blue Ray replays of this game that will be talked about forever. Family will know what is what. Fantasy became reality this year, right before Christmas – The Krons are the champs.

A final tip of the hat to all from the Schwartz on a Fantasy Season for the ages.

Until Next year, remember that Fantasy becomes real when you believe in the unreal.

Robbie Fucking Gould for the win in Overtime to give the Krons the Belt.

Unreal. Truley.


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